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Growing in the Image of God
by Carol Rausch Albright

This book discusses spiritual growth in light of neuroscience and complexity studies.

Ottawa, Ontario
Novalis, 2002

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by Andrew Newberg, Matthew Alper, Carol Rausch Albright, Rhawn Joseph, Susan Blackmore, Eugene G. d'Aquili, Michael Persinger, Friederick Nietzsche

University Press of California, 2002
Author of chapter, "Religious Experience, Complexification, and the Image of God"

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Where God Lives in the Human Brain
by Carol Rausch Albright and James B. Ashbrook

Naperville, Illinois
Sourcebooks, 2001
(re-publication of The Humanizing Brain)

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The Humanizing Brain:
Where Religion and Neuroscience Meet

by James B. Ashbrook and Carol Rausch Albright

Cleveland, Ohio
Pilgrim Press, 1997

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Beginning with the End:
God, Science, and Wolfhart Pannenberg

ed. Carol Rausch Albright and Joel Haugen

LaSalle, Illinois
Open Court, 1997

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  • Carol Albright reviewed Don S. Browning's recent book, Reviving Christian Humanism: The New Conversation on Spirituality, Theology, and Psychology, in the January, 2011, issue of the American Journal of Theology & Philosophy.

    Browning, who died in June 2010, was a member of the University of Chicago Divinity School faculty and active in support of the Zygon Center for Religion and Science at LSTC.

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       Archbishop Jackelén is the Prelate of the Church of Sweden.